Denizens of Darkness: An Anthology of Dark Urban Fantasy and Horror.

My short story, Treat Night, is featured in the new anthology from Sam’s Dot Publishing, Denizens of Darkness: An Anthology of Dark Urban Fantasy and Horror.

Denizens of Darkness

Treat Night is about a young married couple who go for a meal in a restaurant. The lady visits the bathroom, and she doesn’t come out…

TIP: If you download the sample from Amazon, they send you Treat Night in its entirety. The bastards. Wink.

I recently did an interview for Author’s Corner where I talk about, among other things, my passions in life, my writing career so far, and the imminent release of Rainbow’s End.

You can read it here:

Thanks for reading!


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I write stuff. Pretty much any stuff. My dark fiction has appeared in Asphalt Jungle, Raw Nerve, Roadworks, Dark Valentine, Screams of Terror, Shallow Graves, Fantastic Horror, The Literary Hatchet, Gore and numerous anthologies. My first book, Into the Dragon's Lair – A Supernatural History of Wales was published back in 2003, and I've worked extensively in the freelance journalism industry, contributing features to numerous international publications including Fortean Times, Bizarre, Urban Ink, Loaded, Record Collector, Maxim, and a regular column to the Western Mail newspaper. I lived in China for over five years where I taught English during my search for enlightenment, before moving back to the UK in January 2013 to work as staff writer on Nuts magazine. Later, I was senior writer on Forever Sports magazine and associate editor at Coach magazine, before leaving to chance my arm in the world of pro freelance. In recent times I have devoted more time to dark fiction, my latest offerings being Apartment 14F: An Oriental Ghost Story (Uncut), Human Waste and X3, my third collection. I also edit, copy write, and ghost write. I am represented by Media Bitch Literary Agency and drink far too much craft beer. View all posts by cmsaunders

One response to “Denizens of Darkness: An Anthology of Dark Urban Fantasy and Horror.

  • Copious Corpses

    Thanks for having a look at some of my work. I’m just getting started at this so I’m a little slow following up. I look forward to reading some pieces of yous. Cheers!


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