The Others in Burnt Fur

Burnt Fur


Louie’s Room in 100 Word Horrors 4

100 word horrors 4

The Bell in Year One (Dark Moments anthology)

Year One

Naughty Step in 100 Word Horrors 3

100 word horrors 3

Down the Road in Vampires, Zombies & Ghosts Volume 2

Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts Volume2

Hitori Kakurenbo is available in 100 Word Horrors 2

100 word horrors 2

Lakeside Park is available in Terrors Unimagined



Roadkill is included in Digital Horror Fiction, Volume I

Digital Horror Fiction

Coming Around is featured in 100 Word Horrors: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles



The Past Entombed is included in the first Deviant Dolls anthology, Echoes & Bones 



Band of Souls is reprinted in Fearful Fathoms Vol I


Subject #270374 is featured in DOA III from Blood bound Books:


My flash story As the Crow Flies is included in QuickFic Anthology 2 

QuickFic Anthology_

My apocalyptic love story, ‘Til Death do us Part, is included in 9 Tales at the World’s End #3.


Harberry Close is included in Dead Harvest


The Elementals & I is included in Dark Visions 2 on Grey Matter Press:

Dark Visions 2

Dark Visions 2

Altitude Sickness is featured in the first DeadPixel collection:

Flying Toasters: The DeadPixel Tales I

Flying Toasters: The DeadPixel Tales I

Handsome Jack is included in Undead Living, edited by Thomas Malafarina, on Sunbury Press.

Undead Living front cover

Undead Living front cover

The Delectable Hearts is included in Legends of Urban Horror: A friend of a Friend Told Me, from Siren’s Call Publications.

Legends of Urban Horror

Treat Night is included in Denizens of Darkness: An Anthology of Dark Urban Fantasy and Horror, from Sam’s Dot Publishing:

Denizens of darkness

Roadkill is included in Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous (Companion) on Angelic Knight Press:

FL Cover

The Art of Lucid Dreaming is included in Torn Realities on Post Mortem Press:

Torn Realities

The Devil & Jim Rosenthal is featured in D.O.A. – Extreme Horror Collection on Blood Bound Books


Curiosities is included in Uncanny Allegories on Post Mortem Press

:Uncanny Allegories

Band of Souls is featured in the Poe-themed anthology Return of the Raven, on Blood Bound Books:

Return of the Raven

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