From the Ashes: The Real Story of Cardiff City FC

After an initial blaze of glory, during which they became (and still remain) the only non-English club ever to win the coveted FA Cup and came within a whisker of winning the old First Division title, Cardiff City began a slow, painful descent down the footballing hierarchy into relative obscurity. Sometimes, however, miracles do happen.

This is the inspirational story of the birth, death, and subsequent rebirth of a football club. This is the REAL story of Cardiff City. Unauthorised and unofficial.

From the Ashes: The REAL Story of Cardiff City Football Club, is out now on Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.

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From the Ashes F

This book is an unashamed homage to Cardiff City, but it has been written with so much warmth mixed with irony that even a Swansea City fan will be able to appreciate it. From the Ashes is a substantial addition to soccer literature. It chronicles chronologically Cardiff’s rise, fall and second coming, placing the club’s history within the connotations of Welsh and British history. The club was born in an era when football in England and Scotland had already become a defining element of working-class culture. We are led from 1899 to the present day. We savour the highs and lows. The book is an unashamed tribute to a club that is a microcosm of Wales and the Welsh. To steal the mantra of another club located in London, `No one likes us, we don’t care!’

Yes, it’s a good time to be a Cardiff City fan. Just as it is a good time to be Welsh.”

Lyn Ebenezer, Welsh Books Council

Into the Dragon’s Lair: A Supernatural History of Wales



Wales, with its awesome mountain ranges, lush valleys and rugged coastline, is a country that thrives on legend and folklore. But this mysterious, fascinating and bewitching place offers so much more to both seasoned students of the macabre and unusual, and the seasoned traveller. Step into the dragon’s lair…

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