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Film Review – The Evil in Us

A police unit is called to a house party to find a bunch of dumb horny teenagers have literally torn each other to pieces. When the lone survivor is giving a police statement from her hospital bed, she pukes up someone’s finger. So far so good, right?

The police eventually work out that the party-goers had ingested some very, very sketchy coke, and through the magic of police work manage to trace the supplier who happens to be a very nasty individual indeed. What’s more, they find out he’s heading off to a secluded cabin by a lake with a pocketful of said sketchy coke and another group of dumb horny teenagers in tow. Just what would horror movies do if it wasn’t for dumb horny teenagers? Anyway, as you can probably imagine, things degenerate pretty quickly. As the genius dual-meaning tagline says: Worst. Trip. Ever.


This film reminded me a lot of Eli Roth’s classic Cabin Fever. It has the same claustrophobic feel, and is shot-through with the same kind of smutty humour and devil-may-care attitude. It’s actually three story arcs in one: the police investigation, the bunch of dumb, horny teenagers at the cabin, and the obligatory origin thread about where this batch of coke came from. It gets pretty gruesome in places and if you can overlook some cringey dialogue and general predictability, there are certainly some shocks on offer. Considering what we essentially have here is a first-time director working with an unknown cast on a limited budget, the results are extremely impressive and could herald the start of at least one very promising career. Remember, don’t take drugs, kids.

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Dark Visions 2

My short story, The Elementals & I, is included in the new anthology Dark Visions 2, on Grey Matter Press.

Out now on ebook, paperback to follow.

The journey into darkness continues…

Dark Visions 2

Dark Visions 2

Big pharma is big business. And fierce competition demands extreme methods in order to develop the new wonder drug. To what horrifying lengths will a greedy corporation go to marketing their frightening, mind-altering drugs to unwary consumers? They’ll do whatever they need, no matter the ominous consequences.

In its original form, The Elementals & I is one of my oldest stories. I wrote the first version 15 or 16 years ago. Then I lost it. The bastard. But I kept the general idea festering away in a dark corner of my mind, and finally got around to writing a much-improved revamp last year.

Dark Visions 2 also features stories by A.A. Garrison, David Murphy, Chad McKee, John C. Foster, David Blixt, Edward Morris & Trent Zelazny, and many others.

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