Publishing History

For the benefit of potential employers and any other interested parties, here is an (almost) full list of my published credits, up to and inclusive of March 2022.

Full-length Non-Fiction Books:

Into the Dragon’s Lair – A Supernatural History of Wales (2003, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch)

From the Ashes – The REAL Story of Cardiff City FC (2013, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch)


Rainbow’s End (2012, FlareFont Publishing) (OUT OF PRINT)

Sker House (2016, DeadPixel Publications)


Apartment 14F: An Oriental Ghost story (2009, Damnation Books)

Dead of Night (2010, Damnation Books)

Devil’s Island (2012, Rainstorm Press)

Out of Time (2014, DeadPixels Publications)

No Man’s Land: Horror in the Trenches (2016, Deviant Dolls Publications)

Apartment 14F: An Oriental Ghost Story (Uncut) (2017, Deviant Dolls Publications)

Human Waste (2017, Deviant Dolls Publications)

Dead of Night (Uncut) (2018, Deviant Dolls Publications)

Tethered (2020, Terror Tract Publishing)


X: A Collection of Horror (2014, DeadPixel Publications)

X2: Another Collection of Horror (2015, DeadPixel Publications)

X Sample (2017, Deviant Dolls Publications)

X3 (2018, Deviant Dolls Publications)

X: Omnibus (2019, Deviant Dolls Publications)

X4 (2020, Deviant Dolls Publications)

Back from the Dead: A Collection of Zombie Fiction (2021)

X5 (2022)

Short Fiction:

Monkeyman (Cambrensis, 1997)

Mr C (the Asphalt Jungle, 1998)

A Thin Disguise (Raw Nerve, 1998)

A Hell of My Own Creation (Tales of the Grotesque & Arabesque, 1999)

The Devil & Jim Rosenthal (Roadworks, 2000)

Another False Dawn (Screams of Terror! 2009)

Club Culture (Shallow Graves, 2009)

Hero of the Day (Dark Valentine, 2010)

The Night-time Visitor (Fantastic Horror, 2010)

Little Dead Girl (Unspoken Water, 2011)

What Happened to Huw Silverthorne (Trinity Gateways newsletter, 2012)

The Answer in Darkness (Siren’s Call, 2012)

Intruder (Shadows In Ink, 2012)

Switchblade Sunday (Gore Magazine, 2013)

Til Death Do Us Part (Morpheus Tales: Apocalypse Special, 2013)

What Happened Next (The Literary Hatchet, 2014)

Til Death Do Us Part (9 Tales at the end of the World #3, 2016)

Jessica (Liquid Imagination, 2016)

Little Dead Girl (Trigger Warning #6, 2016)

Never Go Back (The Literary Hatchet, 2016)

Something Bad (Deadman’s Tome, 2016)

The Light (Shotgun Horror Clips, 2016)

The Gift (Flash Bang Mysteries, 2016)

The Sharpest Tool (Fantasia Divinity #6, 2017)

Other Me (Feverish Fiction #2, 2017)

Dead Man Walking (Crimson Streets, 2018)

Gwraig Annwn (Indie Writer’s Review, 2018)

Those Left Behind (TwentyTwoTwentyEight, 2018)

My Tormentor (The Horror Tree – Trembling With Fear, 2018)

The Last Night Shift (Demonic Tome, 2018)

The Bell (Dark Moments, 2019)

Tiny Little Vampires (Tell-Tale Press, 2019)

Demon Tree (Haunted MTL, 2020)

Surzhai (ParABnormal magazine, 2020)

Loose Ends (34 Orchard, 2020)

Siki’s Story (The Splatter Club, 2021)

Alone, Or (Frost Zone Zine, 2021)

If You’ve Ever Eaten Toad (The Quiet Reader, 2021)

That Time of Year Again (Every Day Fiction, 2021)

The Wailing (TwentyTwoTwentyEight, 2021)

Sleepless (101 Words, 2021)

Twitch (Meghan’s haunted House of Books, 2021)

The Night Visitor (reprint) (Siren’s Call, 2022)

The Hiraeth Chair (Shelter of Daylight, 2022)

The Whole of the Moon (Daikaijuzine, 2022)

mydarkside(dot)com (Phantasmagoria, 2023)

Contributions to Anthologies:

Mr C (The Asphalt Jungle Best-of Compilation, 1999)

A Thin Disguise (The Best of Raw Nerve) (2002)

Band of Souls (The Return of the Raven) (2009)

The Devil & Jim Rosenthal (DOA – Extreme Horror) (2010)

Curiosities (Uncanny Allegories, 2011)

The Art of Lucid Dreaming (Torn Realities, 2012)

Treat Night (Denizens of the Dark, 2012)

Roadkill (Fading Light, 2012)

The Delectable Hearts (Urban Legends of Horror: A Friend of a friend Told Me, 2012)

Handsome Jack (Undead Living, 2013)

Altitude Sickness (Flying Toasters: The DeadPixel Tales, 2013)

The Elementals & I (Dark Visions 2, 2013)

Harberry Close (Dead Harvest, 2014)

As the Crow Flies (QuickFic Anthology 2, 2016)

Vicar on the Underground (Monsters Among Us, 2016)

Subject #270374 (DOA 3, 2017)

Jumping at Shadows (Matt Hickman’s Sinister Scribblings, 2017)

Band of Souls (reprint) (Fearful Fathoms Vol I, 2017)

The Past Entombed (Echoes & Bones, 2017)

Coming Around (100 Word Horrors, 2018)

Roadkill (Digital Horror Fiction, Volume I, 2018)

Lakeside Park (Terrors Unimagined, 2018)

Hitori Kakurenbo (100 Word Horrors Vol 2, 2019)

Down the Road (Vampires, Zombies & Ghosts, 2019)

Revenge of the Toothfish (Trigger Warning: Body Horror, 2019)

Naughty Step (100 Word Horrors 3, 2019)

Where a Town Once Stood (The Corona Book of Ghost Stories, 2019)

The Bell (Year One, Dark Moments Anthology, 2019)

Louie’s Room (100 Word Horrors 4, 2020)

The Others (Burnt Fur, 2020)

Grower (Brewtality, 2020)

Holiday of a Lifetime (Welcome to the Splatterclub, 2020)

Curiosities (Unknown Pleasures – Post Mortem Press: The Early Years, 2020)

When the Earth Opened Up (It Came from the Darkness, 2020)

Scary Mary (Jester of Hearts, 2020)

Finders Keepers (Ho Ho Holy Shit, 2020)

Faces on the Walls (Home, 2021)

Roach (Night Terrors Vol 12, 2021)

Eyeless (Night Terrors 14, 2021)

Harberry Close (reprint) (Railroad Tales, 2021)

Misshapes & Rejects (Handmade Horror, 2021)

Hell-bent (Unleashed, 2021)

The Delectable Hearts (reprint) (Books of Horror Anthology, Vol 3, Part 1, 2021)

Painted Nails (No Anaesthetic, 2021)

Finders Keepers (reprint) (The Colour out of Deathlehem: An Anthology of Holiday Horror, 2021)

Cat’s Eyes (Heartless: Holiday Horrors, 2022)

Eeva (Trigger Warning: Speaking Ill, 2022)

The Hungry (Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles Volume II, 2022)

Biter (Shacklebound Book of Drabbles, 2023)

The Old Tip Road (Horror Library, Vol. 8, 2023)

 Selected Non-Fiction:

The Devil’s Footprints (Enigma magazine, 1997)

Jack the Ripper & the Occult Connection (Enigma, 1997)

The X-Files Explained – Zombie Cults (Enigma, 1997)

Just a Coincidence? (International Media Agency, 1998)*

History’s Greatest Mysteries – the Marie Celeste (IMA, 1999)*

Chasing the Dragon (BizArre, 2001)

Of Hags & Hellhounds – Welsh Portents of Death (Fortean Times, 2002)

The Beautiful Game (Fortean Times, 2002)

The Fairies of Pembrokeshire (Pembrokeshire Life, 2003)

Little Britain Live (Nuts, 2005)

Top 40 Worldwide Bruce Springsteen Collectables (Record Collector, 2006)

Freelance Writing as a Second Income (Back Home, 2007)

Royal Marines fitness guide (Nuts, 2007)

Fertility Magic (Chat… It’s Fate! 2007)

The Word Made Flesh: The art of anthropodermic bibliopegy (Fortean Times, 2008)

China’s War on Terror (Fortean Times, 2008)

A Barrier-free Olympics (Able, 2008)

The Chinese Chili Pepper Industry (Fiery Foods, 2008)

The Healing Properties of Tea (Chat… It’s Fate! 2008)

Chinese Festivals (Chat… its Fate! 2009)

Success Story (Writer’s Weekly, 2009)

The Dark / Speculative Fiction Market (Writing World, 2010)

Shorter Than Short! (Funds For Writers, 2011)

The 27 Club (Fortean Times, 2011)

Breaking into Music Journalism (Writer’s Weekly, 2011) (11)

The Devil’s Footprints (ParaBnormal Digest magazine, 2013)

Success Stories (Writer’s Weekly, 2013)

Boston Bombing Conspiracies (Fortean Times, 2013)

Foreign Ownership in the Premier League (Loaded, 2014)

Tuna Wars (Loaded, 2014)

Work Smarter 2.0 (FundsForWriters, 2014)

Book promotion on Twitter (Writer’s Weekly, 2014)

The Greatest goalkeeper you Never Heard of (Popolous, 2015)

UFO’s Over China (Fortean Times, 2015)

Inside Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 (Black Belt, 2015)

Selling the Short Story (Writer’s Weekly, 2017)

Diversify or Die (Writer’s Weekly, 2017)

Perk Up! (Funds for Writers, 2018)

Travel Writing 101 (Funds for Writers, 2018)

The Mandela Effect: Debunked (Fortean Times, 2018)

Thirteen for Halloween (Writer’s Weekly, 2018)

The Hong Kong Conspiracy (Fortean Times, 2019)

9 High-Paying Flash Fiction Markets (Writer’s Weekly, 2020)

Cockroach Farming in China (Fortean Times, 2020)

Have you Found your micro-Niche? (Writer’s Weekly, 2020)

Writing the Perfect Blurb (Writer’s Weekly, 2020)

Boo! Thirteen MORE Paying Horror Markets (Writer’s Weekly, 2020)

Podcasts Galore (Writer’s Weekly, 2021)

The Sai Kung Mystery (Fortean Times, 2021)

Oh! The Horror! 7 Ways to Scare the Pants off your Readers (Writer’s Weekly, 2021)

7 Essential Elements writers Must Include in Gothic Horror (Writer’s Weekly, 2021)

Exploring Alt-History (Writer’s Weekly, 2021)

Is a Friend or Colleague Sabotaging your Success? (Writer’s Weekly, 2022)

How I Published my Debut Book (Authors Publish, 2022)

Nine Recurring Dark Fiction Markets (Authors Publish, 2022)


2007 – 08: The China Diaries (10 parts) (The Western Mail)

Interviews / Other media appearances:

Writer’s News (March 2003)

Rhymney Valley Express (April 2003)

BBC Radio Wales (Live guest, April 2003)

South Wales Argus (May 2003)

The Daily Post (May 2003)

The Big Issue Cymru (May 2003)

Rhymney Valley Express (May 2008)

The Western Mail (June 2008)

Flashes in the Dark (September 2009)

Conversations with Writers (November 2009)

Headway (Southampton Solent University Alumni publication) (February 2010)

The Deepening (March 2010)

The Dark Fantastic (February 2011)

Shadows In Ink (September 2012)

Author Interview Corner (November 2012)

AmeriCymru interview (September 2013)

Features Exec Media Bulletin interview (September 2013)

BBC Radio Wales (September 2013)

Just Words – Profile (October 2013)

Books of Blood (September 2014)

Wagging the Fox (October 2014)

Morpheus Tales (October 2014)

Ginger Nuts of Horror (2014, 2018)

Horror Made (2016)

Sci-Fi & Scary (2016)

The Indie Horror Review (2017)

Well Worth a Read (2017)

Bad Moon Rising (2017)

The Gal in the Blue Mask (2017)

Left Hand Publishers (2018)

Kendall Reviews (2018, 2019, 2020)

Haunted MTL (2020)

Redrum Reviews (2020)

Panda Buddy (2020)

Conversations on the Craft (2021)

Meghan’s Haunted House of Books (2021)

Five Things Friday with Willow Croft (2021)

Meghan’s Haunted House of Books (2022)


The Others (Don’t Fall Asleep, 2022)

Down the Plughole (The Grey Rooms, 2022)

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