Cover to Cover: the Fifty Book Challenge


Last year, I took on a challenge to read 50 books in 12 months. The only rule was that each book had to be read cover to cover, no exceptions. It’s too easy to just read the first few pages then abandon it.


I will be upfront and tell you now that I failed. But only just!  

Here is a full list… 

December 2011

Dead Town – KC Elliot (2011) F eb

Stricken – Sean A Lusher (2011) F eb

Ten Rules of Writing – Elmore Leonard (2007) NF eb

Dark Waters – Peter Mark May (2011) F eb

How to Get the Women You Desire – Ross Jefferies (1999) NF eb

January 2012

Breathless – Dean Koontz (2010) F pb

The Legend of Rachel Petersen – F JT Baroni (2011) eb

Zen in the Art of Writing – Ray Bradbury (1973) NF eb

The Noctuary – Greg Chapman (2011) F eb

February 2012

Rock n Roll is Dead: Tales inspired by Music – Various (Bloodbound Books) (2011) F eb

Numbers:Their Occult Power and Mystical Value – W. Wynn Westcott (1911) NF eb

Sinful – Yolanda Sfetsos (2011) F eb

Bookie Wook 2 – Russell Brand (2010) NF pb

Desolate – Robert Brumm Jr (2011) F eb

March 2012

The Most Vital Chinese – James McGlasson (2011) NF eb

You Will Survive Doomsday – Bruce Beach (2010) NF eb

The Long Walk – Stephen King (1979) F eb

Machination Mutilation – Shaun Jeffrey (2012) F eb

Mile 81- Stephen King (2011) F eb

April 2012

Drugging the Nation: China & the Opium Curse – Samuel Merwin (1907) NF eb

Full Dark, No Stars – Stephen King (2010) F hb

Vampire Blood – Katherine Meyer-Griffith (2010) F eb

Deadline: The Horrifying Adventures of Harvey Banks, Tabloid Reporter – Jochem Van Der Steen (2010) F eb 

May 2012

By the Light of the Moon – Larry C. Kerr (2011) F eb

Ghost Writer – Tom C Underhill (2012) F eb

Sustenance – Nate D Burleigh (2012) F eb

Incident On & Off A Mountain Road – Joe R. Lansdale (2011) F eb

Country Driving: A Chinese road Trip – Peter Hessler (2011) pb

June 2012

12-21-12 – Parker Lee (2012) F eb

Eva: A Ghost Story – Mike Emmett  (2012) F eb

Rant  – Chuck Palahniuk (2007) F eb

July 2012

Horns – Joe Hill (2010) F pb

Windigo Soul – Robert Brumm, Jr (2012) F eb

Advanced Book Marketing – E.J. Thornton (2012) NF eb

August 2012

The Bad Place – Lincoln Crisler (2012) F eb

The CV – Alan Sugar (2011) NF eb

Mike’s China – Mike Dixon (2011) NF eb

Welsh Pirates – Dafydd Meirion (2009) NF pb

September 2012

Travels with Facebook – Phiona Stanley (2012) NF eb

Black Brig – Jeffrey Kosh (2012) F eb

The Uncollected Stories – Stephen King (2003) F eb

October 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future – Michael J. Fox (2010) NF eb

Shudder – Harry F. Kane (2012) F eb

Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous Companion – Various (2012) F eb

In The Tall Grass – Stephen King & Joe Hill (2012) F eb

November 2012

Mysteries in History – Paul D. Aron (2006) NF eb

It’s So Easy (and Other Lies) – Duff McKagan (2011) NF eb

A Face in the Crowd – Stephen King & Stewart O’Nan (2012) F eb

Shadows In Ink – George A. Turner (2012) F eb

December 2012

Ash – James Herbert (2012) F eb

Legends of Urban Horror: A Friend of a friend told Me – Various (2012) F eb

14 – Peter Clines (2012) F eb

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid: The Lives & Legacies of the Wild West’s Famous Outlaw Duo (2012) – Charles Rivers Editors


F: Fiction

NF: Non-fiction

pb: paberback

eb: ebook





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